My Journey On My Current School Is Ending Soon.

Ten months of going to school was indeed tough, especially when you’re a graduating student. However, ten months with your classmates and teachers has been really special. I’ve been enrolled in the same school since I was preparatory until now that I’m graduating as a junior high school student. That means I’ve never experienced adjusting to new schools or new classmates and such (since I do not find it hard to cope up with the new students transferred in my school because they’re only a few). Moreover, being that old kid in the school, some students who I’ve known since elementary was no stranger to me already. They’ve been my friends, so I was not shy revealing myself to the newbies, because they were there to help them understand who I really am.


Since elementary, like anyone else, I experienced a minor bullying in this school too. Fortunately, when I reached sixth grade, students were able to matured and stopped it.


But this time it’s different. am going to be—for the first time ever, the new student going to a new school. You see, my current school also offers senior high school, but I don’t believe they can give me the education I want to experience. Yes, I’ve been going to this school for ten straight years, but frankly, they kind of suck. I knew I’ll get to this point where I have to burst it out here, that’s why I never dared to mention this school,since I think it’s a good idea. Don’t get me wrong. I love the people there; the students, the teachers… but the way our administrators run the school was disappointing. I would want to share more about this topic yet I think this is not the right time to talk about this.


So yeah, the lack of what I call “student-prioritization” in my school has lead almost 90% of the students there to transfer to other school—including me.


Our class will end within two weeks this time. Hence, in spite of the little amount of time me and my section has together, we still can’t have the bond we want. Exams are yet to finish; our defense is about to come. This week will be really busy. We also need to pass the accurate requirements our teachers are asking us for them to sign our clearance papers. Also, I’m gonna be attending two graduations (C.A.T. and of course our moving up.)  in two consecutive days. April 2, 2017  is our supposed to be outing as a whole section. Still, we are hesitant about that. In my country, there is a certain belief that graduating students are more prone to accidents, or worse, death; that’s why some of us is still unsure, since our graduation day is on April 8, 2017.


I really want to enjoy my last days of my classes in my current school. The institute have had a huge contribution in my life as a student. I’ve been enrolled in it for more than half of my life, and leaving it leaves me mixed feelings. I’m somehow sad, since me and my friends are going to go to different schools and there is a small possibility that we’ll ever get the same bond we have right now in the future, whereas I am positive that I’m also glad I’d be able to finally leave my old school and meet the outside world. Good luck to me then.


Til next time. Bye! 


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