From God to Dubai

Dubai, one of the richest country known in the world. Finally, I get to step on it’s land. However, it was not as simple as I thought it’d was. You see, my parents planned to make us come here, together with the rest of my family. My grandparents, cousins, and siblings were all there. We, as 8, went through all circumstances in order to successfully ride the plane. Being too numbered is already a struggle on the first place. Especially that we don’t have our own car. We were just contented with my grandmother’s friend’s car, and it was actually hard to fit eight people in there. Also, during our appointment with Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), everyone’s eyes were almost on us. “Jam-packed” people actually came, even the employees who work there were surprised by how my grandmother handle all the responsibilities.


Fast forward to April 20, 2017. We reached the airport. Despite the fact that in any hours soon we’re flying in the air, we were in doubt. One of my cousin’s visa almost got in trouble. We had a hard time getting it. But thankfully, we passed through that. But as soon as we thought that we’re finally boarding, this travel tax came. It costed about PHP1,620 which got us doomed since it costed more than the expected price of PHP750. We are eight people, and the cash we have was only PHP10,000 since we thought we’re not gonna spend a lot. Lesson learned. Luckily, my brother, 4 years of age, and my 11-year-old cousin got a discount. However, regardless the discount, we still didn’t had enough. The eight of us costed about PHP11,500. That moment, I wasn’t sure that we’re going to successfully reach Dubai. Too many struggles were faced already. I was tired. I had prayed, and prayed and prayed. It was numerous that I had cried too. I thought that time, “if this isn’t meant for us, then be it.”

I prayed again. I asked, and asked…why?

Then as I looked around the airport, everyone looked fine. There were people who didn’t want to go, but they were allowed to go…and here’s us, sincerely desiring to finally hug our parent’s in our arms, but turns out fate does not agree to what we want. Disappointed, I grimaced. Why is the world so cruel? I thought like that.

But as I search for answers, I saw my grandmother rushing to the cashier with enough money on her hand, happily uttering “Thank You, Lord.”

Then it hit me. All the questions I’ve been asking before were all answered instantly—just at one sight of my grateful grandmother.

Therefore I realized, “”if this isn’t meant for us, then we wouldn’t have reached this far.”


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