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My Journey On My Current School Is Ending Soon.

Ten months of going to school was indeed tough, especially when you’re a graduating student. However, ten months with your classmates and teachers has been really special. I’ve been enrolled in the same school since I was preparatory until now that I’m graduating as a junior high school student. That means I’ve never experienced adjusting to new schools or new classmates and such (since I do not find it hard to cope up with the new students transferred in my school because they’re only a few). Moreover, being that old kid in the school, some students who I’ve known since elementary was no stranger to me already. They’ve been my friends, so I was not shy revealing myself to the newbies, because they were there to help them understand who I really am.


Since elementary, like anyone else, I experienced a minor bullying in this school too. Fortunately, when I reached sixth grade, students were able to matured and stopped it.


But this time it’s different. am going to be—for the first time ever, the new student going to a new school. You see, my current school also offers senior high school, but I don’t believe they can give me the education I want to experience. Yes, I’ve been going to this school for ten straight years, but frankly, they kind of suck. I knew I’ll get to this point where I have to burst it out here, that’s why I never dared to mention this school,since I think it’s a good idea. Don’t get me wrong. I love the people there; the students, the teachers… but the way our administrators run the school was disappointing. I would want to share more about this topic yet I think this is not the right time to talk about this.


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